Eunjung Cho

This month, meet Eunjung Cho, a UX designer at Knowre, an education technology startup company. Q: Could you start us off by introducing yourself? A: I have been working for Knowre as a UX designer since December 2018. Knowre, an education technology startup company specialized for math education, was born from an after-school math tutoring academy in South Korea and […]

Candice Kim

    Candice Kim is one of the founding members of the Simple Steps Seattle and recently joined The Miilk as a research associate. She is also a self-published author of her whimsical children’s book titled, A Cat with a Bangs. She believes ordinary things can turn into an adventure if you pursue it and work hard.     Q: Can [...]

Kyung Euh

  Kyung Euh is a natural storyteller. She enjoys engaging with the audience through her art and design and networking with anyone who appreciates a good narrative. She is the newest UX designer at Studio XID that developed an interactive prototyping tool named ProtoPie. ProtoPie is easy to use and a great platform to demonstrate design ideas without communication loss. […]

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