Simple Steps Community Connection (aka Simple Steps) was founded in May 2017 in an effort to support immigrant communities in the Bay Area. We aim to create a community that supports skilled female immigrants and employers. We help immigrant women continue on their professional goals while contributing to the community. At the same time, we collaborate with local employers who want to hire the great talents from diverse backgrounds.


Simple Steps aims to empower immigrant women to rebuild their careers after a hiatus by pursuing the following mission:

  • Promoting self-esteem of immigrant women on a break
  • Providing skill-building training, coaching and resources
  • Connecting with job opportunities


Having grown up in Korea, Doyeon moved to the U.S. at the age of 30. She personally experienced and witnessed the difficulties encountered by immigrant women in returning to the workforce due to cultural and language barriers and lack of professional network. Doyeon met a lot of professionally accomplished and talented immigrant women who wanted to reenter the work but didn’t know how to start. Simple Steps helps immigrant women to pursue their career aspirations and move toward achieving their goals.


Simple Meet

Helping Women To Meet New People and Stay Connected Simple Steps provides networking opportunities for women who want to be connected with people with similar backgrounds and goals. Simple Circle is our initiative that helps women build their own support groups. Art Art Exhibition Artist Talk Business Accounting Career Admin, Executive Assistant(EA) Career Education Career Engineering Internship Interview Preparation Project […]

Simple Connect

Connecting Job Seekers with Employers Partnering with startups and other companies, Simple Steps discovers even more flexible and attractive job opportunities for job-seeking women. Simple Match is a creative platform where experimenting with a new definition of lifetime work meets greater opportunities. Job Titles from 2018 Re-entry Cases Accountant Executive Assistant Data Analyst Localizations / QA Specialist Project Manager Public […]

Simple Project

Providing Real Work Experiences Simple Steps explores and creates real project opportunities, working with community partners as well as corporations. Simple Project is one of the best ways for talented women on a break to take the first step forward. Update your resume with this real project experience and build your professional network with clients and colleagues. Examples Website Renovation […]


Doyeon Kim, Executive Director

Bokyung Kim, Program Director

Hyunji Gahng, Creative Director

Haley Seo, Partnership Manager

Jaehee Min, Community Manager

Kat Choi, Program Director

Minji Kim, Legal Counsel

Sangmi Koh, Design Lead

Young Chae, Community Manager


Doyeon Kim, President

Imju Byon

Jungsun Oh

Keeyong Han

Kiae Seong

Miseon Lee, Treasurer & Secretary

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Simple Steps Community Connection is a  501c3 nonprofit organization. EIN: 82-1540693


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