A self-introduction must be one of the most basic but the most difficult speeches to pull off. Simple Steps recently hosted a four-week online boot camp on self-introduction. The participants watched instructional videos together, and then reflected on their strengths and selling points following the tailored curriculum developed by Simple Steps program directors. The highlight of the sessions was giving the pitch and receiving real-time feedback from the group members. At the end of the program, everyone had their own two-minute elevator pitch at hand for when the opportunity strikes. Here is a little peek into our participants’ various takeaways from the boot camp.

More preparations, more confidence

“I thought my career history was too short to have a pitch, but this program taught me that the more prepared I am, the better-positioned I will be as a job seeker.” – Shin

“Without this program, I would never have prepared my self-introduction speech so thoroughly, even in the face of an impending job interview. I’d always thought I needed to prepare a speech but never got around to it. Now I’m so glad that I took this precious opportunity to finally take some time out and better prepared myself.” – Choi

Constructive feedback leads to stronger connections

“It was so comforting to see and talk to other members on a regular basis during the shelter-in-place order. I also liked giving and getting compliments. It was such a valuable experience.” – Ki

“It was motivating to meet so many hard-working women with a wide range of backgrounds. They inspired me and gave me the courage to challenge myself.” – Son

We grow together

“Thanks to the systematic program, I was able to prepare for the interview more efficiently.” -Park

“As a non-expert, I doubted my feedback would be of any help, but it actually helped me tremendously to just listen to the comments made by different participants with different perspectives. If you’re considering attending this program next time, I assure you that it will help you a lot despite the absence of a professional coach.” -Choi

“Every single member completed the assignments on time—that encouraged me to work even harder.” -Park


All the speeches from the boot camp will be proofread by Ringle, an English education service provider partnered with Simple Steps. A Ringle tutor’s comprehensive feedback and self-introduction tips will be shared with all the Simple Steps members at an upcoming webinar. Stay tuned for more updates!


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