Our Second Job Seminar

Seminar for Medical Careers

Saturday 4/14, 10:30am-12:30pm
Community Room, Redwood Shores Branch Library
399 Marine Parkway, Redwood City, CA 94065To RSVP, please email events@simplestepscc.org.Simple Steps invited three women working as a nurse or an occupational therapist to speak at this seminar:
Hyosun Ahn (Occupational Therapist  at Skyline Healthcare Center) Hyosun Ahn has been working as an Occupational Therapist (OT) at Skyline Healthcare Center. She has worked in various settings including an acute hospital, a psychiatric institution, a skilled nursing facility, and various home health agencies for 12 years. She also worked as a social worker for 2 years before becoming an occupational therapist. Hyosun received a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. 

Jeong Eon Park (RN/CNOR at Stanford Hospital) 

Jeong Eon Park has been working as a RN/CNOR (certified nurse operating room) in the operating room at Stanford hospital since 2011. She has worked as an RN for over 12 years in South Korea and the United States. She started her nursing career at a skilled nursing facility in the United States in 2007. She then worked as an OR nurse at the California Pacific Medical Center and achieved CNOR the year after. Jeong Eon worked at Samsung Medical Center and Seoul National University Hospital in South Korea for few years. She received a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Korea University.
Joanne Joungson Kim (Registered Nurse and Clinical Documentation Specialist at Sutter Health Mills Peninsula)

Joanne Joungson Kim has been working as a Certified Clinical Documentation Specialist (CCDS) at Sutter Health Mills Peninsula Medical Center in Burlingame since October 2017. She has a wide range of skills in nursing. She worked in the cardiac stepdown unit and the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for 10 years at Sequoia Hospital. Prior to that, Joanne worked as a CCDS in the Quality Improvement Department and as a cardiothoracic surgery nurse coordinator at the medical center for the University of California San Francisco (UCSF). She worked in the cardiac ICU in South Korea.

Exhibition for Artist Moms
*A special edition newsletter just for this event is coming soon!
Saturday 4/21, 2pm-6pm
El Palo Alto Room, Palo Alto Mitchell Park Community Center
3700 Middlefield Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94303Please stay tuned for a special edition newsletter with more detailed information on this event!

Study Groups

Startup Group Monthly Meeting

When: April 10, 10:30am-12:30pm
Where: Foster City, CA (specific address will be sent later)

This month, we will share issues and problems on our business models and give/receive feedback from each other. We will be discussing:
1. How to increase users (List the Simplest by Eunjung Cho)
How to share a shopping list easily + how to increase users + insights after applying
Google Analytics:  https://itunes.apple.com/…/…/list-the-simplest/id1271888784…
2. Designing a User Onboarding Experience (Ipda by Kiae Seong)
Suppose a new user just came across my website (http://ipda.so) after doing a Google search or browsing Facebook. How can I increase the likelihood that these new users will continue to revisit my site?

If you want to join the startup study group, please email kiae.seong@gmail.com.

WordPress Online Group Recruiting

WordPress is one of the most popular website platforms and is used by thousands of websites. This group will follow the online course for WordPress and will be finished in 2 months. Most of the discussions will be done online, and the group will have weekly online meet ups to discuss any issues.

As of now, the WordPress group is full, but please email info@simplestepscc.org if you have any questions.

Job Opportunities

Senior Visual Designer Contract (2 people) – Mexico / UK TeamDesign and user experience are incredibly important at Walmart. We look to the Senior Designer to envision how to help people save money and live better with Walmart and to bring that vision to life.

As a Sr. Designer, you’ll be asked to do more than just create design comps, interactions, and specs (though you’ll have to do a lot of that!). To do this, you’ll use your knowledge of the UX process (research, conceptual design, prototyping, testing) in collaboration with other architects, designers, content strategists, researchers, product managers, and engineers.

How you’ll know it’s right:

• You’ve created business and consumer product experiences for different channels and platforms, often working with senior UX leaders and managers to complete these projects.
• A seasoned veteran, you can craft experiences for any channel or platform, and you are a leader in the creation of business and consumer product experiences. You can work without close supervision, but you seek out and welcome feedback from senior UX leaders and managers.
• You love to solve complex problems and work closely with others who feel the same, and your solutions merge with a larger structure to create a cohesive design ecosystem.
• When you look at Walmart.com, you see multiple easy ways we could restructure our navigation, checkout flow, or page elements to make the experience easier and more delightful for our customer and you’re excited to tell us about them.

UX Architect Contract (1 person) – Mexico Team

As a distinguished architect, you will oversee the technical aspects of the design and development of software products that support Marketing vehicles such as advertising systems, email and push delivery. You will have sound understanding of computer science fundamentals, good understanding of technologies, and the ability to design of large-scale systems. You will collaboratively work with Engineering, Product and Business Partners to drive the business forward.

Responsibilities include:
• Provide technical leadership to engineering organization by guiding and reviewing designs and architecture.
• The ability to create and present technical designs to engineering and product leaders
• The ability to select technologies for use in various components
• Participate with other cross-functional architects to provide thought leadership in technology space
• Deep understanding of designing large-scale highly available, operable and reliable systems
• Hands-on coding skills
• The ability to debug and troubleshoot issues
• Ability to present and drive consensus towards an architecture with key stakeholders

Full-stack (Product) Design Contract (1 person) – Mexico Team

As a Sr. Designer we need your expertise to make an impact in a highly strategic and important initiative within the Customer Experience of Walmart’s Global eCommerce Division. Specifically, your assignment is to apply your deep knowledge of user experience design (research, conceptual design, prototyping, testing) to our core shopping experience to deeply empathize with the customer. You will liaise within cross-functional partnerships across Business, Product, and Engineering and dedicate their collective creativity and execution to delivering experiences that bring delight to our customers, meeting them where they are. Ultimately, your passion to serve and a growth mindset will make you a valuable member of this cross-functional team, owning and crafting effective designs from top to bottom to create delightful and effective eCommerce experiences across multiple platforms. The right fit is someone who is an advanced creative and strategic designer, passionate for building in the ecommerce space, who will jump in and make an immediate impact.

• Think conceptually – applying a user-centered approach to requirements and interdependencies – to develop engaging interfaces
• Think visually – using techniques like storyboards and sketching – to communicate interaction design concepts
• Make design decisions based on good judgement, experience, research and data
• Have a real impact at scale through new product launches and incremental improvements that effect billions of our customers everyday
• Be part of a fun, humble team, always learning, collaborating with other designers to deliver a cohesive customer centered experience


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